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Welcome to Johnson Technologies Corporation (JTC). We are a World-Class manufacturer and trusted Ergo_1.gifsupplier of ERGOBUDDY® products and services.

Since our inception in 1987 Johnson Technologies has been on the forefront of innovation and commercial success in the science of ergonomics. Over the past 20 years, JTC has invested millions of dollars in market analysis, R & D and product development. These efforts have created an impressive intellectual property portfolio, innovative products and significant ROI for our customers and their employees. ERGOBUDDY® products and services are currently benefiting people and corporations in 14 different countries around the world. By effectively integrating innovation and technology with human performance we have earned the trust of leading companies worldwide.

Industry need:
Through the years of plant visits in a variety of industries JTC has recognized a reoccurring frustration shared by it’s customers regarding “anti-fatigue matting”. Common problems with “anti fatigue matting” include performance, safety, facilities and hygiene issues. Conventional “anti-fatigue matting “is sold and shipped as a rolled good material which once deployed on the floor characteristically rolls back up, bunches up, curls up, walks,
shifts and hydroplanes. This creates numerous safety issues for employees, as well as production inefficiencies’ and unneeded liability for employers. Additionally, companies have wasted countless man hours over the years attempting to tape down, glue and screw matting to the floor.

Best Practice solution:
Since 1997 JTC has dedicated significant resources developing, patenting, and marketing a new standard in “anti-fatigue matting”. This new product solution is called the ERGOBUDDY® Therapy Platform & Therapy platform Lite. These new products are designed to prevent many of the safety, facilities and hygiene issues inherit in other matting alternatives. The Therapy Platform is a breakthrough advance in the 60 year old matting industry.

With on ongoing cErgo_2.gifommitment to innovation and continuous improvement JTC is pleased to announce that it has now applied the science of ergonomics into footwear. Therapy Platform shoe insoles with ERGOSERT® Technology (patent pending) provide individual’s with ergonomic benefits in occupations where “anti-fatigue matting” is not practical. ERGOSERT® Technology is laboratory certified to have the same ergonomic properties as premium industrial “anti-fatigue matting”. Our new product line of ergo shoe insoles accommodates all types of feet and fits into most footwear. This product is also ergonomically tuned for comfort based on average population’s weight and foot size.

JTC has a strong devotion toward customer service and a sincere desire for individuals and companies to achieve their maximum potential with ERGOBUDDY® products. We are committed to health, safety and the success of our customers in the marketplace.

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